Step-by-Step Instructions

Procedure for buying Nulandis clothing range

The following procedure is recommended for buying clothes (Nulandis range) on the website.

  1. The agent or farmer connects to the website and browses to the “clothing range “section.
  2. All the Nulandis clothes have catalogue numbers to distinguish themselves via style, size and colour.
  3. Prices are available at the back of the catalogue.
  4. The agent or farmer can simply do shopping online via a basket or trolley, by adding the clothes selected.
  5. Once shopping is complete, a cheque out facility is available.

Procedure for buying Nulandis clothing range

The following procedure is recommended for buying clothes (Nulandis range) on the website.

  1. Create an account
  2. Log in.
  3. Select the products you want with the colours and sizes
  4. Proceed to check out
  5. Check order
  6. Place the order

Rules for Model M agents:

Due to the fact that a 40% subsidy from Nulandis is in place for all Model M agents, the following rules will apply.

The Model M agent contacts his Regional Sales Manager and request that Nulandis shopping will be done. Each Regional Sales Manager as an allocated budget as follows,

  1. For every agent a subsidy (40%) of R 2000 is allowed. This means that the agent can buy for R 5000. (R2000 (40%) subsidy + R 3000 (60% agent contribution) = R 5000
  2. Thus Regional sales managers with 10 agents can subsidies R 20 000, thus R 50 000 can be spent on Nulandis clothes.
  3. The following table as per marketing budget (2013) is a guideline for the Regional Sales Managers.
Amount of agents
R budgeted (40% subsidy)
Agent contribution 60%
Total Rand available
R 20 000
R 30 000
R  50 000
R 40 000
R 60 000
R 100 000
R 60 000
R 90 000
R 150 000

Once the shopping has been completed and paid in full by the agent, the agent will send a response to his Regional Sales Manager for his R 2000 subsidy (please include delivery note and proof of payment). The Regional Sales manager will approve this and forward the amount and delivery note to the Financial and Marketing department. The subsidy will be added to the agent’s commission for the following month.

Please take note that the Regional Sales Manager can allocate the agents subsidy (for those who do not use it) to someone else if so required.

R 15000 has been allocated for all the Regional Sales Managers as Depot clothing.

Rules for Model S agents:

Model S agents do not receive any Nulandis subsidy. Therefore, the agent can shop online without restriction.


The Nulandis clothing range will be launched in the Cape as well as in Gauteng. The dates and venues will be confirmed at a later stage.

Display cabinets:

Display cabinets will be placed at the Paarl office and at Head office. For 2014, we will add more display cabinets at  the most successful agent’s depots.

Clothing range changes:

The Nulandis clothing range will be revised every 6 months to keep up with new trends and fashion. Clothes that do not sell will be deleted from the range and any suggestions to add other kind of clothes, newest fashion or designs will be welcomed every 6 months.

Other suppliers:

Most of the Regional Sales Managers and other Management within Nulandis have built a relationship with suppliers over the years. We ask for your support on this venture, to not use other suppliers. The suppliers chosen have a network of scheduled deliveries, which will ensure speedy delivery of purchases and all queries will be dealt with within 24 hours.

We hope you will enjoy the new clothing range, which all forms part of a new era in our company, namely Nulandis (The one in crop care)